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Top design, luxury, lifestyle trends, gastronomy & interior design ideas. You can find it all under one roof, in Het Arsenaal in Naarden. The Arsenal is a historic building. The first stone was laid around the year 1688. The National Monument was used as a military shelter until 1987. Jan des Bouvrie – More than twenty years ago, the most famous Dutch interior architect Jan des Bouvrie opened Het Arsenaal in the monumental building in the Vestingstad.

Naarden to use it as a home furnishings store and showroom for his designs. The restaurant (at the time owned by Paul Fagel) and other interior-related shops soon joined Het Arsenaal. Het Arsenaal has developed into the Netherlands' leading concept store for interior design, luxury, gastronomy, jewelry, fashion & lifestyle.

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Visit Het Arsenaal and be inspired by our experts in the field of living, design, interior, art, fashion, health and lifestyle in a creative environment. A delicious dish or drink at Arsenaal Restaurants will complete your visit. Plan your visit here.

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