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For those who want to be immersed in the world of Bron jewelry, a visit to the Bron Boutique, our flagship store on the first floor in Het Arsenaal, is highly recommended. Here you will find the latest Bron color themes and the latest rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets. The huge variety of colors, gemstones and combination possibilities provides a good start in the search for a personal and special piece of jewelry. We are aware that we are working with the most beautiful treasures that the inner earth has to offer us. In addition to the rich selection of gemstones, there are always a number of 'specials' to be found, exceptional gemstones that are only available in limited quantities.

In combination with the atmospheric ambiance of Het Arsenaal and the presence of other inspiring companies within this monumental building, the authentic fortified town of Naarden also makes a visit worthwhile. The picturesque town with many vistas has a rich history. You can enjoy a nice walk along the ramparts or you can relax in a boat from the Vestingvaart, where the skipper shares historical anecdotes with you.

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About Source Jewelry

Since 1888, the Bron company has its origins in Schoonhoven, the characteristic "Silver City" on the river Lek, where craftsmanship has been guaranteed for many years. Craftsmanship in the field of gold and silversmithing has been highly valued here for centuries. The first Bron generation became skilled in gold and silversmithing. The next generation expanded the company into an international wholesaler. Ultimately, Heleen Bron decided in 2001 to come up with her own colorful jewelery collection, made in the Netherlands, which has now become an integral part of the Dutch jewelery landscape.

Source Collection

Bron now has many loyal followers not only in the Netherlands, but also in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. Characteristic of the generous collection ringsearringsbraceletspendants and necklaces, are the classic shapes in a contemporary interpretation that are made to be worn every day and thus enjoyed to the fullest. For example, a Bron piece of jewelry looks great with a jeans outfit, but also literally adds extra color to a festive dress.

To get a good first impression of our collection, the different families and different color themes, it is a good start to brand book or our website to consult.

Visit to Bron Boutique

The next step is a visit to our Boutique on the first floor of Het Arsenaal. Here, colors and shapes really come to life in the tasteful display cases, which are classified according to colour. The professional Bron advisors are happy to take the time for you and guide you through the options. These are numerous, but at the same time experience shows that through a simple selection process you will arrive at the shapes, colours and gemstones fairly quickly that suit you best. That also makes the search so special, because this is a very personal process for everyone.

If you are considering a visit to the Bron Boutique, we recommend that you make an appointment in advance. Despite the presence of a large collection, it is possible that a specific color combination that you are looking for is not available in the Boutique at that moment. That is why it is wise to contact us by telephone in advance, so that an initial assessment can be made of your wishes. We then assess whether an additional view can possibly be sent from our office in Schoonhoven, in order to make the best possible start. Contact us via this form or call 035 678 1592

Of course you are also very welcome without a prior appointment. Just take a look around, try on and enjoy the many possibilities is what the Bron Boutique is intended for. In short: with or without an appointment you can count on a warm welcome and expert advice from Casandra Wibbens, Marianne Seligmann, Suzanne ten Wolde and Janna Wieringa.

Our Bron jewelry is made of 18 carat gold, with a choice of yellow, white or rose gold, depending on your preference or what simply suits you best. All our gold is recycled and has had a previous life. We also work exclusively with natural gemstones in many colors and cuts, pearls and diamonds. This provides a great basis for making a personal choice.

Each gemstone has its own character, with the color shade or small imperfections giving the gemstone a unique signature. As far as we are concerned, the unique play of nature is a playful element so that you will never tire of the stone you have chosen. A history of millions of years and the long road that the gem has traveled before it is placed in your piece of jewelry, means that each piece of jewelry tells a valuable and wordless story.

The Bron collection is affectionately divided into product lines or “families”. The cut of the gemstones or a certain way of setting makes a family recognizable. These families can be combined very easily and playfully. But even a single item manages to attract attention. In short: you can choose a single favorite or a colorful combination.

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