Bron Gemstones

Gemstones have a magical attraction to 'Bronnies'. They are drops of solidified beauty that have been hidden in the earth's crust for millions of years.

Our seasoned gemologists Paul and Ellen select the most attractive specimens from the ever-changing range at international fairs. It is always exciting to see what they can acquire for our collection. Gemstones are being exhausted or new ones are being discovered.


Our decisive selection criterion is the 'life' in the stone. Small imperfections are usually not a barrier, but rather a plus. Just like with people, these imperfections make the stone real and interesting and therefore extra attractive in our eyes. We refer to these imperfections as inclusions and gradient colors as the 'signature of nature'.

Within the spectrum of types, colors and shapes, everyone at Bron has their own favorites. But we all love the complex colors of for example tourmalines and sapphire. Hardly any two stones are alike and we take for granted that finding the same pair of earrings for earrings is not easy and sometimes impossible.

Bron Boutique is a jeweler in Naarden. You will find special handmade exclusive jewelry

With an oblique eye to the Pantone color institute, we choose a color theme each spring and autumn that we present in collections with significant names such as 'London Blue Topaz' or 'Madagascar Sapphire'. In this way we literally give new color to existing Bron models.

Visit our website for more information about gemstones. Do you have any questions or do you want to make an appointment to visit the Bron Boutique in Naarden? Contact us via this form or call 035 678 1592.

Bron Boutique in Naarden sells special handmade jewelry

Bron Boutique

On the first floor of the stylish Arsenaal you will find the best that Bron Jewelry has to offer. The only Bron Boutique in the Netherlands offers the most extensive and versatile collection of jewelry, the latest models and color themes, and exclusive specials with enchanting gemstones.

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