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PAARDELKOPER-HULST started 20 years ago as a lighting business selling high-quality lighting fixtures. The business has quickly grown into a consultancy center where you can come by for inspiration and customized solutions for complete new and renovation projects.

We are located in Naarden-Vesting. This unique location on the Jan des Bouvrie site, makes tailor-made lighting advice even more special. A professional team of lighting architects led by Ton Paardekooper knows better than anyone how to provide lighting advice that matches the style of your interior, the appearance of the building and all your specific wishes. Our craftsmanship is tailor-made lighting advice for both interior and exterior. You can make an appointment with one of our professionals at any time. Experience the atmosphere in our showroom and experience the possibilities in the field of light and terrace. We also offer a wide choice of exclusive design patio furniture of the highest quality.

Make an appointment for a consultation or view our website for more information about light and terrace.

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We are proud of our Occhio Store. This beautiful brand has a suitable and stylish solution for every lighting problem.

In the field of patio furniture, we have expanded and exhibited our collection considerably. We proudly present a rare and unique collection of patio furniture.

Paardekooper-Hulst is brand independent, so we can apply the perfect fitting fixtures for every home and client

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