Customized Indoor Lighting and Outdoor Lighting

Paardekooper-Hulst is brand independent, which means that we can apply the perfect fitting fixtures for every home and client. In addition to the versatile range of indoor lighting, we also carry a wide range of outdoor lighting in various styles. 

Everyone is welcome to buy a desk lamp or reading light next to a sofa, but we are much more often called in to make a suitable lighting plan. First we look at the layout of the rooms and their use. The natural light is also important here. Then we start with the functional lighting for the base, followed by decorative lighting, which mainly creates the atmosphere.


Is it an existing home that lacks the right atmosphere? Then we go for lighting advice on location and we look at which fixtures suit the whole and we also ensure that the light output is optimal.

In case of a new construction or renovation of the house, it is advisable to make use of the knowledge of one of our lighting architects at an early stage. With our expertise, we make an exciting total plan based on the construction drawings and the wishes of the clients, which matches the style of the interior and the appearance of the building.


We advise you expertly in determining the dimensions of customization. One of our light architects will visit you to determine the optimum dimensions of the luminaire for you. Often a fixture can be custom made especially for you.


In addition to a lighting plan for your interior , we can also realize light advice for your garden or terrace. Based on the garden design, we make choices for appropriate lighting fixtures that bring out the right accents in your garden.


Do you want personal advice to create the right atmosphere at home with custom lighting? Let us advise you properly and translate your wishes into a thorough lighting plan.

Feel free to take a look at our showroom in Het Arsenaal at Kooltjesbuurt 1 in Naarden-Vesting to be inspired and where you can be professionally assisted by one of our sales specialists.

For questions and/or making an appointment we can be reached by phone at (035) 694 10 05 or our email You can find inspiration via our social media page on Instagram.


PAARDEKOOPER-HULST started 15 years ago as a lighting business selling high-quality lighting fixtures. The business has quickly grown into an advice center where you can come by for inspiration and complete customized solutions for new projects and renovation projects.

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