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There are many sites where you can search for properties for sale and many people go out on their own to find, view and ultimately make an offer. This method can work just fine, although you may run into some issues:

  • You do not know the environment in which you want to live. This makes it difficult to determine in advance whether a certain neighborhood is, for example, quiet or child-friendly.
  • You often do not know the most current or the complete range in the region. Not all homes for sale are listed on real estate sites. Real estate agents in the region are better informed about the total offer.
  • You have never negotiated a property or are not sure how to arrive at a realistic value assessment of a property. This can lead to higher costs.

It is therefore advisable to engage a real estate agent from the region when searching for and purchasing a home.

It is important that you choose a broker who knows the area like the back of his hand and who knows what is going on in the region and who has a large network in order to be able to act quickly and adequately. After all, it is not about 'just any house', but your dream home!

Voorma and Walch makelaars, for rental homes, owner-occupied homes and business space in the Gooi

Voorma and Walch makelaars know the Gooi and the immediate surroundings like no other. We often have inside information that enables us to respond effectively to new situations and opportunities.

You can complete a search for a property on our website. We will then make an inventory of your wishes during an introductory meeting and guide you in finding the home you have always been looking for.


Voorma en Walch Makelaars has been a household name in the Gooi for more than 80 years with branches in Huizen, Laren, Blaricum and Het Arsenaal in Naarden Vesting.

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