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More than 20 years ago, Jan and Monique des Bouvrie took a leap of faith by buying Het Arsenaal. At the time, a neglected, vacant, monumental building in the drowsy town of Naarden-Vesting. The two of them have realized their dream of being one of the first in the Netherlands to create a design center where you can find everything related to living under one roof. In the years that followed, Jan and Monique expanded the disciplines within the Arsenaal with fashion & beauty, so that it encompassed much more than just interior design. In 2019, Het Arsenaal is the basis where lifestyle, design & art come together.

Upon entering, you immediately enter the stylish showrooms of Studio Des Bouvrie. You are also welcome in the design studio where a team of interior architects work on many different projects. The interior stylists and interior designers work closely together under the daily supervision of Monique des Bouvrie. In every design, large or small, elements of the vision of Monique and Jan des Bouvrie are visible. For Jan that means space, light and symmetry, for Monique shapes, materials and color. This way, the typical Des Bouvrie signature is always guaranteed.

Visit Het Arsenaal or visit our website for more information and sample projects.

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You can contact Studio des Bouvrie with any interior question. For example, you want to change your living room but don't know how.

The profession of interior architect is often underestimated. You think it's a matter of making a sketch and if you're a little creative, you can go a long way in dividing and furnishing a space well. Nothing is less true.

The aim of Studio des Bouvrie is to ensure that everyone lives, works, lives in an environment where you feel happy.

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