Interior architecture projects

The experienced team of interior stylists and interior designers led by Jan and Monique is ready to translate the wishes for your living spaces into a beautiful design. View some interior architecture projects or make an appointment via e-mail or 035 694 1144 to discuss your interior ideas with us.

Being able to name your wishes and what your living environment or space should look like is already very clever. To further develop these wishes and ideas, it is important to find a design studio with know-how and experience. You are very welcome at Studio Jan des Bouvrie.


The styled rooms of Studio Jan des Bouvrie are located after entering and the right and left wing. The design studio where a team of interior architects works on many different projects is located at the end of the left wing. You are also welcome there. Designers and architects work here on their projects. If you are curious whether the studio can do something for you, please contact the studio via the websites of Jan des Bouvrie.

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