Dental Hygiene & Teeth Whitening

Of course you want a healthy, clean and radiant mouth with beautiful teeth. The best way to achieve this is good, daily care of mouth and teeth. Our dental hygienists are at your service with practical tips and advice on caring for radiant and healthy teeth and a personal plan to properly maintain your teeth.

For example, you will receive a maintenance set from us to clean your white teeth at home and on request you can also receive extensive nutritional advice based on your situation, wishes and preferences. By paying attention to all facets of preventive oral care, our dental hygienists make an important contribution to the quality of your oral health.


Tartar, deposits, sensitive tooth necks or inflamed gums; almost every tooth has to deal with these inconveniences. A regular visit to Kleinsman Varzideh's dental hygiene practice will help you avoid most discomforts and keep your teeth healthy and radiantly white. 

Our well-trained dental hygienists have years of experience and work with the most modern techniques to achieve the best results. The spaces in our practice are designed for comfort and the atmospheric ambiance makes your visit a pleasant experience.


We are also there for you after a treatment. You can always call us if you are unsure or have questions about the effects of oral hygiene treatment. Even if you have no questions, our dentists and dental hygienists will provide personal telephone aftercare after a treatment.

Drop by for an introductory meeting in Bocholt so that we can see together how we can make your teeth radiantly white and healthy.


Next oral hygiene for radiant teeth, Kleinsman Varzideh Dental Center also offers the possibility to whiten teeth. Radiant white teeth do not have to remain a dream and we can whiten your teeth in an uncomplicated and painless way within 90 minutes.

We work with the modern ZOOM!® System or a laser. Both are professional whitening methods and the choice depends on the personal situation of your teeth.

Before whitening your teeth, we perform a professional oral hygiene treatment. This is necessary because the whitening gel must cover all (clean) tooth surfaces to ensure an even effect.

This professional dental cleaning is included in the price of the teeth whitening and ensures that any deposits on your teeth are removed.


Kleinsman Varzideh's dental practice was founded by two brothers in Bocholt, Germany and later expanded with the practice 'Studio Kleinsman' in Het Arsenaal in Naarden Vesting.

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