Digital Smile Design

The ultimate goal of aesthetic dentistry is regular and beautiful teeth. You can achieve this goal when the overall appearance of the teeth is in harmony with the teeth and mouth. It is therefore important to pay attention to the cohesion of teeth, incidence of light and facial expressions in the cosmetic adjustment of teeth.

With the latest video technology and software from Kleinsman Dental Center, the Digital Smile Design, it is possible to visualize all movements of the mouth and the effects of speech before and after a treatment.

Our dental technicians make a recording of your mouth and face in the studio and this recording is used to properly assess balanced teeth in a mouth and the character of your face. Not only by the dental technician, but also by you and the dentist.

Digital Smile Design gives an even more perfect picture of the end result. The software linked to the video images makes it possible for you, the dentist, the dental technicians and the orthodontists to perfectly coordinate the choices regarding the shape and color of your teeth.

These latest techniques in the field of aesthetic dentistry make it possible to optimize an overall image and cohesion of teeth, mouth shapes and facial expressions.

Kleinsman's Digital Smile Design studio creates even more possibilities for your perfect smile. Visit our practice in Bocholt to discover your most beautiful smile!


Kleinsman Varzideh's dental practice was founded by two brothers in Bocholt, Germany and later expanded with the practice 'Studio Kleinsman' in Het Arsenaal in Naarden Vesting.

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