Radiant Teeth with Non-Prep Facings

Teeth change over the years. Grinding, eating, drinking and other acids that come into contact with your teeth discolor your teeth and make them shorter and thinner. Kleinsman has devised a method with which they can reconstruct the original size, colour, shape, position and length of your teeth.

Our team has developed the facings for this. These facings are made per tooth and give each teeth a unique appearance.

The facings are very popular with our customers and our innovations are also followed with great interest within the dental industry.


The non-prep facings developed by Kleinsman are only about 0.2 mm “thick”. These are as thin as a sheet of paper and are made from special porcelain by our dental technicians.

Until recently, porcelain facings were at least about 0.8 millimeters thick and we have managed to reduce this to a thickness of only 0.1 to 0.2 millimeters.

This facing was developed through close collaboration between the dental team and the dental technicians of Kleinsman Dental Center. Only very experienced and talented dental technicians can manufacture these veneers using a very complex development technique.

Our non-prep facing technique is in line with the trend within the dental domain to perform treatments while fully preserving the original teeth.


The newest facings are those that can be glued over the entire tooth or part of it, without grinding the healthy teeth. The advantage of this is that the procedure can be performed almost painlessly while preserving the own tooth structure.

Non Prep Facing can also correct a corner of a tooth, which is caused by mouth trauma or teeth grinding. Our facings fit down to the micrometer and can be made in exactly the same color as the color of your teeth thanks to advanced color mixing methods. Minimal intervention, radiant result!

All our treatments are not only aimed at delivering the best possible result for your teeth, but also to make all treatments as comfortable as possible and to minimize experiences of stress, fear or pain.

It is possible to have treatments performed locally or completely under anaesthetic.

The application possibilities of Non-Prep Facings are many and during an introductory meeting we can explain all the possibilities and advise you personally. Make an appointment today and discover Kleinsman's innovative solutions!


Kleinsman Varzideh's dental practice was founded by two brothers in Bocholt, Germany and later expanded with the practice 'Studio Kleinsman' in Het Arsenaal in Naarden Vesting.

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