Custom Shutters

Every person and every home is unique. We approach every project with this in mind. StyleShutters has over 20 years of experience in advising on and installing indoor and outdoor shutters.

The strength of our team lies in providing expert and personal advice, designing shutters that match the wishes and experience of our customers, and the complete installation of our custom-made shutters on location. A total package from advice to installation to unburden our customers and offer the best quality.


Shutters are an eye-catcher in every home and the better shutters match your interior and wishes, the better and more harmonious the result. The possibilities are limitless.

Do you want shutters with slats in large sizes? Do you want shutters made of a certain type of material, a specific color or size? In consultation with you, we can tailor-make the shutters and install them for you.


The most well-known application of shutters is in the form of window decoration. Unlike blinds, which often come in standard sizes, shutters are usually custom-made. Shutters are also excellent for windows with different shapes, such as skylights and tilt and turn windows.

Shutters also have a more elegant look than blinds because of wide wooden slats in combination with a slim tilting stick, while blinds mainly have small slats that are connected with a thin cord. Custom shutter design gives your home the luxury, unique and personal touch it deserves!


Shutters can not only be used in every living space as window decoration, such as the windows in the living room, kitchen, toilet or bathroom. It is also possible to use shutters in patio doors with a window, shutter walls for outside and even shutter roofs.

By designing exterior shutters and interior shutters for doors and windows in the same style, you can create unity in the design. You can set all shutters individually, so that you can determine the right amount of light in every situation.

Visit our showroom in Het Arsenaal in Naarden and be inspired and informed about all the possibilities while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee from Arsenaal Restaurants. Plan your visit via the link below!

Design outdoor shutters and window decoration at StyleShutters in Naarden


Shutters are stylish and atmospheric shutters traditionally made of wood. Gert-Jan has been active in the world of sun protection and window coverings since 1982 and StyleShutters is a logical extension of his expertise.

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