Indoor Shutters

Modern, classic or rural; StyleShutters offers tailor-made indoor shutters for every living style. We offer a total package with basswood shutters (of course FSC® certified), plastic shutters and aluminum shutters.

In collaboration with Jan des Bouvrie, the sleek design shutter 'by Jan des Bouvrie' but StyleShutters also sells the warm and cool shutters Club, the Brocante Shutters and shutters in Oak or Teak.


In the 1990s, wooden shutters were introduced in the Netherlands as window decoration. Shutters are hot!

The advantage of shutters is that you can tilt the louvres completely or partially, so that you have control over the amount of light that shines in. This allows the atmosphere of a room to be adjusted in no time with indoor shutters.

Indoor shutters and interior STYLES

Shutters contribute to the appearance, atmosphere, comfort and privacy of any interior. Our indoor shutters can really be used in all areas, such as living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens.

ruralmodern or classic: we can make shutters for every type of living style or interior that are in harmony with the environment.

Customized outdoor shutters StyleShutters Naarden


Whatever wishes or living style you have, StyleShutters will always find a suitable solution for your living situation. Visit our website for more information or make an appointment in our showroom in Naarden.

During an appointment we have plenty of time to discuss your wishes, answer your questions and give you tailor-made advice.

Design outdoor shutters and window decoration at StyleShutters in Naarden


Shutters are stylish and atmospheric shutters traditionally made of wood. Gert-Jan has been active in the world of sun protection and window coverings since 1982 and StyleShutters is a logical extension of his expertise.

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