Outdoor Shutters

A large part of our lives takes place outside. Especially in the summer it is pleasant to eat together or have a drink in the garden with family or friends.

However, the weather in the Netherlands is often changeable, so staying outside is not always possible. Even when the weather is nice, you occasionally want a little more privacy when you are in the garden or want some shelter from the excessive sun.

For these reasons, more and more people want to be able to close their terrace or outdoor space at certain times. We offer a solution with our range of outdoor shutters.

StyleShutters can develop a separate dining space in your garden using aluminum outdoor shutters. Our shutters can also be used outdoors as decorative shutters or to close windows or doors to create privacy and protect against the weather.


In addition to horizontal shutters, we also have vertical shutters or shutter roofs. The Pergola Shutter Roof can be made as an extension against the facade or placed freestanding. It is also possible to link several shutter roofs together.

If bad weather is on the way, the electrically tilting slats can close the shutter roof watertight. Even in sunny weather, the amount of light can be regulated as desired. Finally, it is possible to install vertical screens, sliding glass walls and even lighting in the shutter roof.


The possibilities for designing outdoor shutters are numerous, because we always deliver custom work. The high-quality aluminum shutters can be finished in a color with satin, matt or textured lacquer. It is also possible to choose an aluminum frame with wooden slats.

This produces beautiful outdoor shutters that match the environment, which stylishly and effectively regulate the influences of sun, wind or rain.

You can determine the perfect incidence of light and the desired atmosphere for every mood in no time at all. Do you want to play with the incoming sunlight, need privacy and a lot of light in the house? StyleShutters outdoor shutters offer the solution.

Styleshutters can take care of the entire process of advice, design and installation for you. Check out the website for some inspiration example projects or make today a appointment in our showroom to discover all the possibilities.

Design outdoor shutters and window decoration at StyleShutters in Naarden


Shutters are stylish and atmospheric shutters traditionally made of wood. Gert-Jan has been active in the world of sun protection and window coverings since 1982 and StyleShutters is a logical extension of his expertise.

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