Herringbone & Chevron Wood Flooring

In addition to color and wood type, the installation pattern of a wooden floor is an important factor in the appearance of the wooden floor. In addition, the atmosphere that a installation pattern helps to create also depends on the size of the room, the interplay of lines of interior design, the incidence of light and of course: your personal preference.

Traditionally, most wooden floors are installed in a plank pattern. In large rooms with extra wide planks, this installation pattern gives the luxurious look of a country house. However, there are many other ways in which you can install a wooden floor. In recent years, especially the herringbone wooden floor and the chevron floor have increased in popularity. Examples of wooden floors in various installation patterns can be found in our magazine, so that you can get an impression of the possibilities.


The wooden herringbone floor is a classic and has been a popular linstallation pattern over the centuries. The ancient Romans already used the herringbone pattern to make their roads more stable. The firm herringbone pattern is created by placing the end side of one plank at a 90 degree angle to the long side of another plank.

The modern herringbone floor differs from the classic variant due to a larger and wider format of planks and the use of colors other than classic brown. The narrower and smaller the planks, the busier this pattern becomes. The herringbone floor is a real eye-catcher and determines a large part of the atmosphere in a room.

Uipkes supplies wooden floors in a herringbone pattern in all colors and sizes. This way you can create a herringbone floor that perfectly matches your wishes. Read more about the Uipkes® herringbone floor on the website.

Wooden floors from Uipkes are available in 90 unique colors


The chevron floor is similar to the herringbone floor, with the difference that the wooden floor parts of a chevron floor are installed at an angle of 60 degrees and the planks connect to each other at the top. This creates the 'sergeant stripe' that is characteristic of the chevron floor.

This installation pattern looks more tight and more straight-lined than a herringbone floor, which makes it look calmer, especially in long rooms, such as is often the case with old mansions.

At Uipkes you can choose from plank widths between 8 and 22 cm, lengths from 16 to 110 cm and over 90 colours.

Look at examples of chevron floors on our website.


In addition to the above installation patterns, there are also other variations possible. You may prefer a double herringbone, elbow or chevron continuus pattern to give your floor a more unique design.

Perhaps you have developed a installation pattern yourself or you have special wishes for installing the wooden floor. Think of transitions to other rooms or floor coverings, a wooden frame around your herringbone floor or covering your stairs in the same type of wood and color as your floor. It is all possible with our custom wooden floors.

Visit our showroom in Naarden Vesting to discuss your ideas and wishes. Our floor layers have years of experience and love a creative challenge!

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Uipkes has been a specialist for more than 20 years in the supply and installation of beautiful custom-made wooden floors, made from wood from sustainably managed European forests. From expert advice to the installation of the wooden floor on, for example, underfloor heating, Uipkes offers excellent service based on years of experience.

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