Oak parquet

Oak parquet, also called 'duo plank' or 'multi plank parquet', is a layered wooden floor. The floorboards consist of a bottom layer of cross-glued waterproof birch plywood and a top layer of solid oak.

Advantages of oak parquet flooring

  • The floors look beautiful and match almost all interior styles.
  • Oak wood is strong, so it can take a beating. Moreover, oak is easy to work with and has an attractive price-quality ratio. Because of these advantages, oak wood is a better choice than tropical woods, such as jatoba.
  • An oak floor offers many finishing options and is available from Uipkes in 90 exclusive colours.
  • The floorboards are available in various lengths and widths.
  • Parquet floors can be laid floating, which means that a noise reduction of at least 11 decibels can be achieved. As a result, a parquet floor can also be used in apartments where you have to meet a noise standard.
  • Because the top layer of parquet flooring is made of real oak, each floor part has a unique wood pattern. Floors with wood look prints, such as PVC floors and laminate, have a limited number of prints that you keep seeing in the floor.

All Uipkes parquet floors are made with a top layer of high-quality oak wood that comes from sustainably managed European forests. As a result, your floor can last for decades and the impact on the environment is more limited than is the case with other floor types.

Parquet flooring and underfloor heating

Because a parquet floor hardly reacts to temperature fluctuations and changes in humidity, shrinkage and expansion of the floor is kept to a minimum.

Moreover, a parquet floor has a low heat resistance. These properties ensure that parquet flooring can be combined well with underfloor heating.

Oak parquet Uipkes Wooden Floors

Parquet and laying patterns

Oak wood is easy to work with and can be laid in different patterns. Variations on the laying patterns are also possible. For example, consider one double herringbone floor if it elbow pattern where we turn the floor parts of the herringbone floor a quarter turn.

Floorboards in many colors and sizes

Uipkes parquet floors are finished with oil in a color of your choice. We have 90 exclusive colors developed, so there is almost always a color that suits your taste. If that is not the case, we can make a custom color for you.

In addition to the color choice, we have a wide range of length and width dimensions for the floorboards. Consider, for example, floorboards of 28 centimeters wide that fit perfectly with a rural interior.

Parquet 28 centimeters wide

Parquet floorboards 28 centimeters wide

Get inspired

Visit our showrooms in Naarden, Amsterdam or Alphen aan den Rijn and be inspired for your new parquet floor. Prior to your visit, request our free inspiration magazine, full of examples of wooden floors. Do you already know what you want? Simply request a quote online.

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