Wood Flooring Applications

Wooden floors from Uipkes can be used in all rooms without any problems. From the living room to the bathroom and even on the stairs. By installing the floor in all rooms, you create unity and tranquility in the interior of your home, office, store or restaurant.

Our floors are of high quality, which means that they hardly expand or shrink. This allows you to combine the wooden floor with underfloor heating . And if a minimalist look is desired, you can even install the floor without skirting boards .

Wooden floor - living room

A wooden floor gives your living room a luxurious, warm and natural look. The floor in the living room is usually walked on more intensively than the floor in other rooms, such as the bedroom.

To be able to enjoy your floor for years, the quality of the wood is important. That is why wooden floors from Uipkes are made of the best European oakwood.

Wooden floor living room
Wooden floor in kitchen

Wooden floor - kitchen

A wooden floor can be installed in the kitchen without any problems. Because we finish our wooden floors with a protective oil, it won't hurt if you accidentally spill on the floor. Not even if it's tomato sauce, wine, or cola.

By extending the wooden floor from the living room to the kitchen, you emphasize less that the kitchen is a separate room.

Wooden floor – bedroom

Wood feels natural when you walk over it with bare feet and in combination with underfloor heating it is a real pleasure to experience.

In addition, a wooden floor creates a cozy and warm atmosphere in the bedroom.

Wooden floor bedroom
Wooden floor bathroom

Wooden floor - bathroom

Our wooden floors can be used in the bathroom without any problems. Only in the shower area it is not possible to install the floor. 

We finish the floor with a protective oil. It therefore does not matter if you walk on the wood with wet feet after showering.

Wooden floor - toilet

Although most people opt for a tiled floor in the toilet, it is also possible to install a wooden floor.

Unlike the floors we install in other rooms, we finish the wooden floor in the toilet with a lacquer. This makes the floor resistant to accidents and easy to clean.

Wooden floor toilet

Can a wooden floor be laid in an apartment?

Yes, it does not matter whether it concerns existing buildings or new construction. Depending on the screed, the wooden floor must be glued or floating. Uipkes has years of experience with both installation methods and can advise you on what the right solution is for your apartment.

Cover stairs with wood

By cladding the stairs with wood and choosing the same color finish, you create a stylish transition between the floors in your home or business building.

It is even possible to have the pattern of your wooden floor reflected in the steps.

Cover stairs with wood
Wooden floor office

Wooden floors for offices, shops and restaurants

In addition to homes, wooden floors can also be installed in offices, shops and restaurants. A wooden floor gives your building a natural look. Because our floors are made of durable and high-quality European oak, they can be used intensively for years. A wooden office floor, shop floor or restaurant floor is therefore a responsible and sustainable choice.

Want to know more about the possibilities?

Would you like to know more about the applications of wooden floors in your home, office or shop? Then visit our showroom in Het Arsenaal in Naarden fortress. Want to get some inspiration at home first? Request our inspiration magazine free of charge. Do you already know what you want? Come by and request a quote without obligation.

Is a wooden floor suitable for a kitchen?

Yes, a wooden floor can certainly be installed in a kitchen. It is important to take possible moisture and grease stains into account. Regular maintenance can help keep the floor in good condition.

Placing the kitchen first and then the wood floor can help reduce the amount of wood you need, as you don't have to lay a floor where the kitchen cabinets will be. This can save costs. In addition, if there is ever a leak in the kitchen, the wood is less likely to be damaged because it is not under the cabinets. 

However, if you lay the wooden floor first and then the kitchen, this will ensure that the floor continues under the kitchen cabinets. This can be more aesthetically pleasing and it can also be more practical if you decide to change or move the kitchen in the future. This sequence is especially recommended with a kitchen island.

Can I put a wooden floor in the bathroom?

While wood naturally absorbs moisture, certain types of wood flooring, if properly treated and maintained, can be used in the bathroom. This does not apply to the shower area.

Can I install a wooden floor in the living room?

Yes, you can certainly put a wooden floor in the living room. Wooden floors are loved for their natural and timeless appearance, durability and easy maintenance. They are resistant to wear and tear and can last for many years with proper maintenance. Plus, they can increase the value of your home and are a good choice for allergy sufferers because they don't trap dust and allergens like carpet. They are available in a wide range of colours, styles and finishes, allowing you to choose the look that best suits your taste and interior.

Is a wooden floor suitable for my bedroom?

Yes, a wooden floor can give a warm and comfortable look to a bedroom. Moreover, wood is a natural material that insulates well.

Can I install a wooden floor in an apartment?

Yes, a wooden floor can be laid in an apartment. It is important to take possible noise standards into account. An underlay can help to reduce noise pollution. In new-build apartments, this sound insulation is often already in the (floating) screed.

Is a wooden floor suitable for a new home?

Yes, a wooden floor can be very suitable for a new home. The natural material can give a warm atmosphere to the modern look of a new home. In addition, the wooden floors combine well with underfloor heating.

Is a wooden floor suitable for a renovated home?

Yes, a wooden floor can be a good choice for a renovated home. It can enhance the authentic appearance of the home and at the same time offer modern comfort.

Can I install a wooden floor without skirting boards?

Yes, it is possible to install a wooden floor without skirting boards. This can provide a sleek and modern look.

Can I install a wooden floor in a commercial space such as a restaurant or shop?

Yes, wooden floors can also be installed in commercial areas. They are durable and can create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Wooden floors in busy areas are also protected against wear and damage with an extra finishing layer.

Can I have my stairs covered with wood?

Yes, it is possible to cover a staircase with oak, also in the same color as the wooden floor. This can provide a nice, seamless transition between the different floors of the house.

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