Wooden floors and underfloor heating

Wooden floors and underfloor heating have been a warm combination for years. Uipkes can take care of the installation of the floor and the underfloor heating, so that you only have one point of contact for your project.

Is a wooden floor really suitable for underfloor heating and floor cooling?

Not every plank or type of wood is suitable for a combination with underfloor heating. This has to do with the heat resistance (Rc value) of the wood and the extent to which the heat reaches the floor surface.

You cannot combine a solid wooden floor with underfloor heating due to the high heat resistance and the working of the wood. A layered floor (also called parquet floor) made of oak is suitable for use on underfloor heating and floor cooling.

The oak parquet Uipkes® floor is a layered floor that can provide a comparable yield to other floor coverings that can be combined with underfloor heating. Think of floor coverings such as PVC, laminate or natural stone.

However, unlike other types of floor coverings made from oil/plastic or stone, wood is a renewable resource. A wooden floor with underfloor heating is therefore a sustainable floor choice.

Advantages of underfloor heating under a wooden floor

  • Underfloor heating heats the entire room evenly, increasing living comfort.
  • A lower supply temperature is required than with heating with radiators, so you don't have to burn as hard.
  • Underfloor heating can be combined with sustainably generated energy, for example with energy from solar panels.
  • Nothing feels as natural as warm wood under your feet. It is truly a delight in the cold months.
  • Wooden floors with underfloor heating are easy to mop and are easier to maintain than radiators that accumulate dust.
  • You can apply all laying patterns with a wooden floor on underfloor heating.

What types of underfloor heating systems are there?

There are different types of underfloor heating systems. In general, you have underfloor heating with hot water or electricity. Warm water underfloor heating is suitable for large spaces and is used as the main heating. Electric underfloor heating is suitable for smaller spaces such as a bathroom.

The underfloor heating with hot water can be connected to different heat sources:

  • Heat pump
  • Boiler:
    • On gas
    • Electric (works best in combination with solar panels)
  • Hybrid system
  • District heating

Depending on the subfloor, there are various options in types of underfloor heating. For example, the underfloor heating can be milled in, so that you lose minimal construction height. You also do not have to deal with drying times.
Underfloor heating can also be applied to a wooden floor, a gypsum fiber plate can be laid in which the pipes
can be laid.

In addition, the underfloor heating can be laid in a poured floor. The floor can be well insulated here. A wooden floor can be laid directly on top of the new screed. Take into account 1 cm of drying time per week. This process can be accelerated by adding a drying time accelerator.

Install underfloor heating

It installation and connection of underfloor heating can take care of Uipkes. Uipkes provides both the wooden floor and the underfloor heating. And so you have 1 executive party / interlocutor. In addition, the existing floor can also be removed and a new screed/subfloor installed.

In this way, the planning is better coordinated and you as a customer only have to communicate with one party. That saves a lot of hassle.


The effect of oak parquet from Uipkes® is counteracted because the wood is first specially dried and then glued to waterproof panel material.

The sheet material is made up of cross-glued parts that are completely glued to the subfloor. As a result, the floor is very stable and the effect of the wood is minimal, so that it is even possible to install the wooden floor without skirting boards.

Laying patterns wooden floors and underfloor heating. Example on photo: herringbone pattern.

Laying patterns wooden floors and underfloor heating

Uipkes wooden floors can be installed in 17 different laying patterns. From the traditional plank pattern to the popular herringbone floor and the Hungarian point floor. Underfloor heating therefore has no impact on the number of installation patterns you can choose from.

In terms of color choice, you can also please all customers. At Uipkes you can choose from 90 exclusive colours. Is your color not listed? No problem, we can make a custom color for you. Come to our showroom in Het Arsenaal and discover the possibilities.

Wooden floor on underfloor heating and maintenance

A wooden floor with underfloor heating requires little maintenance. Regular vacuuming and mopping is generally sufficient. We supply our floors with maintenance products to keep your wooden floor in good condition. Think, for example, of maintenance soap to mop the floor.

In addition to maintaining the floor, it is important to keep an eye on the humidity in your home or office. That is why you will receive a hygrometer from us when you deliver your floor, so that you can measure the humidity.

During periods of frost, the humidity can drop below 40%, which could cause the floorboards to shrink. You can easily prevent this by using a humidifier. In addition, pay attention to the supply temperature of the water at the distribution station, with a wooden floor on underfloor heating it is advisable to set this to a maximum of 35 - 40 degrees.

Wooden floor with underfloor heating

Underfloor heating and the heating protocol

To prevent cracks in the work floor due to sudden temperature differences, it is important that you carry out the heating protocol once after installing the underfloor heating.

This means that you gradually increase the temperature for a number of days and then gradually reduce it again. After the heating protocol has been carried out, the wooden floor can be laid.

When purchasing a wooden floor in combination with underfloor heating, we will inform you about the heating protocol and give you the instructions to follow. In addition, we inspect the work floor a few weeks before we install the wooden floor, so that any repairs can still be carried out on time.

More information about wooden floors and underfloor heating

Read more about wooden floors and underfloor heating on our website or visit our showroom in Naarden Vesting. Don't feel like going out the door? No problem, video calling is also possible. If you already know what you want, request a quote online.


For over 25 years, Uipkes has been a specialist in the supply and installation of beautiful custom-made wooden floors, made from wood from sustainably managed European forests. From expert advice to the installation of the wooden floor on, for example, underfloor heating, Uipkes offers excellent service based on years of experience.

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