Wooden Floor Colors

The color of a wooden floor is of great importance for the end result. That's why it's great that you can choose from 90 unique colors at Uipkes. All earthy and naturally soft shades have been developed by Uipkes and we carry out all color treatments ourselves. Each plank receives 2 to 7 treatments to achieve the unique color. 


Uipkes wants to work as much as possible with renewable raw materials, such as sustainable oak from European forests.. When coloring wooden floors, we use 100% natural linseed oil, grown in the Haarlemmermeer by the oil products themselves and ground by age-old windmills in Zaandam.

You can add natural color pigments to the oil and treat the boards with them. The colored oil then absorbes into the wood, so that the plank is well protected against external influences, which considerably extends the life of your floor. Feel free to mop the floor with the natural soap that we provide with your finished floor.


What the color of your wooden floor will ultimately look like is determined by the installation pattern, type of wood and light. View photos of projects carried out by us and the influence of colour, light and interior on your wooden floor.


In our showroom in Naarden you will find an overview of our colors and you can view a number of examples of wooden floors. This way you can get an impression of what a wooden floor will look like in your home. Come by for an introductory meeting or schedule a video call and receive color advice for your new wooden floor.

Check out our 90 Exclusive colours

How many color options does Uipkes offer for wooden floors?

Uipkes offers a choice of 90 unique colors for wooden floors. These colors have all been developed by Uipkes itself.

How is the color applied to the wooden floors?

The color is applied by means of natural linseed oil to which color pigments can be added. This colored oil absorbs into the wood, which protects the plank well against external influences and extends the life of the floor.

Are the color treatments for the wooden floors sustainable?

Yes, Uipkes strives to work with renewable raw materials as much as possible, such as sustainable oak wood from European forests. The linseed oil used for the color treatments is 100% natural.

How many treatments does each plank receive to achieve its unique colour?

On average, each plank receives between 2 and 7 treatments to achieve its unique colour.

Can I mop the stained wooden floor?

Yes, you can mop the floor with the natural soap that Uipkes supplies with your finished floor.

What determines the final color of my wooden floor?

The final appearance of the color of your wooden floor is determined by the laying pattern, the type of wood and the incidence of light.

Can I get advice on the color of my new wooden floor?

Yes, you can schedule an introductory meeting in the Uipkes showroom or schedule a video call to receive color advice for your new wooden floor.

Are the wooden floors discolouring?

Yes, after treatment, the wooden floors will discolour for a few months. After this, they reach the chosen floor color. With normal use, the chosen color will be retained and will not discolour further.

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