White wood floors inspiration

It will come as no surprise that in Het Arsenaal, where Studio des Bouvries is located, the color white plays an important role. The spaces in Het Arsenaal are furnished with different interior styles and the wooden floors you see there are supplied and installed by Uipkes. A beautiful environment to gain inspiration for the design of your home.

White wooden floors are widely applicable

White wooden floors give your home a fresh and modern look. The soft hue of the wooden floor makes a room lighter and calmer and is often combined with a minimalist design to create a beautiful spatial effect. A light wooden floor is easy to combine with all kinds of interior styles.

For example, when you combine the white wooden floor with a minimalist interior with soft tones and natural materials, you get a Scandinavian interior style. If you like contrast, you can also combine the white floor with dark furniture or bright colours. View all the white wood floors colors on the Uipkes website.

White Floors Inspiration

To give you an idea of the possibilities, we show 10 inspiration photos of white oiled oak floors below. Uipkes can supply wooden floors in 90 different colours, more than half of which are available in light shades.

A white oak floor is manufactured by treating the floor with white oil or lacquer. Most oak floors from Uipkes are oiled white, because they are more resistant to dirt and damage than a lacquered floor. The oil absorbs into the wood and repels liquids. Damage is also easier to repair than with a varnished floor.

White floor colors Uipkes Wooden Floors

Overview of all white wooden floor colors from Uipkes. A white oiled oak floor looks slightly lighter after delivery. The oil absorbs into the wood and in the first 6 months the color changes to the chosen shade under the influence of (sun) light.

Living room

The living room is often the largest room in a home and is usually taken as the starting point for the choice of floor type, the installation pattern and the color of the floor covering. Below you see 4 living rooms with wooden floors in various shades of white and different installation patterns.

Herringbone floor blossom white living room

Living room with light furniture and a Blossom White oak herringbone floor

White wooden herringbone floor living room

Living room with light furniture and a Blossom White oak herringbone floor

White Wood Floor Plank Pattern

Van Gogh White plank floor in a living room with white furniture.

Noble White Hungarian Point

Living room with Noble White Hungarian point wooden floor


Yes, you can also install a white wooden floor in the kitchen. The white oiled floor is resistant to liquids and with good, regular maintenance, your floor will remain in top condition. Below you see an example of a white kitchen with a white floor and an example of a kitchen with dark furniture and a white floor.

Oak herringbone floor in kitchen blossom white

Kitchen with Blossom White oak herringbone floor

Clear white wooden floor in the kitchen in the herringbone pattern

clear white herringbone floor in the kitchen.


The landing connects different spaces and you can extend a wooden floor on the landing to other areas such as the bedroom, bathroom or even the stairs.

White oak floor plank pattern on the landing

Wool white oak floor in plank pattern on the landing

Cream white wooden floor laid in Hungarian point

Cream white Hungarian point oak floor on the landing.

Unicorn white wooden floor laid in the plank pattern

Rustic French oak plank floor on the landing in the color Unicorn White.


At Uipkes we offer you the option of also supplying stair coverings in the same color as your wooden floor. A white wooden floor and staircase creates more unity in design and enhances the effect of a light color in a room.

Clear white wooden floor and wooden staircase cladding

Wooden floor and stairs in the color Clear white.

Want more inspiration?

Visit Het Arsenaal to view our wooden floors and to discuss the possibilities for your interior project. Want more inspiration? Order us for free wooden floors magazine with 108 pages of information and beautiful sample photos!

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